About company

The company “ELEGANT FIBER TEXTILE” LLC, founded in 2017, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, competitive and modern products in the country.

The products are manufactured by qualified and experienced personnel based on the latest modern high technologies, in particular, automated equipment of Japan and Italy. Our production facilities allow us to fulfill any complex orders on time. Our company produces jerseys for different ages in accordance with the needs and desires of buyers for export and domestic market:

1. For children:

• For newborns:

romper, bodysuit, jumpsuit, undershirts, etc.

• For younger and older children:

short and long sleeved T-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, T-shirts, overalls, hoodies, polos, turtlenecks, etc.

2. For adults:

• Men’s T-shirts with short and long sleeves, polo;

• Men’s sportswear, trousers, shorts, pajamas;

• T-shirts with short and long sleeves for women;

• Women’s dresses with short sleeves and collar;

• Women’s turtlenecks with short and long sleeves;

• Women’s T-shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers, etc.

We produce qualitative and modern products based on any model and we are constantly looking for innovations.